Does my “quote now” submission automatically reserve the requested bus?

  • No, we will be in contact within 24 to 48 hours to send contract out, ask for any additional information needed, or will reach out if the bus isn’t available for that date/time slot. Be sure to check the bus availability calendar before quote submission. 

Can Pulse Party Bus cross state lines into Minnesota?

  • No, we are NOT an interstate company.

What is required for payment?

  • We require a non refundable 20% down payment within 15 days via credit/debit card through Quickbooks online, remainder due online via credit card / bank transfer before booking date OR when boarding by cash/check.

When does the booking time start and end?

  • Booking time starts and ends when we get to the first pick up location and when we are at the last drop off location

What is the latest end time for bookings?

  • Bookings 0-10 miles from Menomonie are required to end by 2:00am
  • Bookings 10-35 miles from Menomonie are required to end by 1:30am
  • Bookings 35-50 miles from Menomonie are required to end by 1:00am

Do you charge for mileage or time it takes to get to the start/end location?

  • $50 discount for bookings starting & ending in Menomonie
  • $0 charge for mileage 10-35 mile drive (Google Maps) of 2819 Knapp St. Menomonie.
  • $50 mileage charge pick up 36 miles to 50 miles drive (Google Maps) of 2819 Knapp St. Menomonie.

What is the furthest location you will pick up at?

  • It depends on the date (heavy demand Summer Saturdays the distance is lower)
  • Our normal max distance for pick up locations is 50 miles Ex: (Rice Lake, Osseo, Pepin, Stanley, etc)

What is the furthest location you can go?

  • We have a 250 mile radius policy so trips to Lambeau, American Family Field, etc. are possible but not ideal as our buses do not have bathrooms.

What if the group wants to go over time on booking? 

  • Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle and driver ability and is not guaranteed. Overtime is
    billed by the half hourly rate and will be collected at the end of the trip by cash payment. Overtime
    rates will be equal to the stated hourly charge

Bus Rules:

  • Pulse Party Bus LLC has a right to cancel any booking if there is a current: Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Snow Emergency, Blizzard Warning, or the temperature below 0 degrees fahrenheit in the county of booking on date of booking during time frame of booking.
  • Vomiting on bus / excessive trash results in a $100 fee.
  • No minor will consume alcohol or be intoxicated on bus, if a minor is found intoxicated or consuming alcohol on bus, booking will be terminated. Driver has the right to inspect ID’s and containers of passengers who appear to be underage.
  • Pulse Party Bus is not responsible for injuries or accidents in and around the bus. Alcohol impairs motor skills, balance and judgment. Clients are asked to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Move about at your own risk. Please use caution on the steps.
  • The Pulse Party Bus driver and/or any other company employee reserves the right to eject any individual(s) whom they deem to be disruptive, unreasonably intoxicated, to pose a safety threat to themselves or to others, or deemed to be using an illegal substance.
  • For any actions such as fighting, violence, damage to equipment and/or bus, or harassment toward the driver, staff or anyone else in or around Pulse Party Bus LLC, the driver reserves the right to terminate the trip. The client will be responsible to find other transportation and forfeits full fare as a result.
  • By signing of the contract, the client agrees to assume full responsibility for any damages to the interior or exterior of the bus that is caused by any individual riding the bus. The client is liable for the cost to repair any such damage as well as any cost for loss of Pulse Party Bus LLC service due to such damage.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed to be taken off bus during booking
  • No glitter allowed on bus
  • All trash into containers at the end of the booking
  • Be respectful and have fun!



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